Sussex Academy Paves The Way With Rigorous Studies

Every charter school has a unique purpose. Ours is to help all Sussex Academy students prepare and qualify for admission, scholarships and success at top‐tier educational institutions through a rigorous and challenging academic experience.

Our mission

A Mission Backed by Widespread Support

The Sussex Academy Foundation has raised $13.7 million to acquire and expand its school facility. We are now turning our efforts to Phase 2, with the objective of raising over $11 million more to complete our school expansion. Through choice, we better prepare students for college. Admission is open to any students who apply and there is no cost or tuition to attend Sussex Academy.

Why is all this work being done? Because our community leaders believe the surest route to economic prosperity for Sussex County’s children is through educational achievement.

Phase 2


Help Fulfill Their Potential

There are no state or federal funds available to assist with the expansion and construction of charter schools. Your tax-deductible private donation is essential in helping to achieve our objectives of greater school choice and a better path to outstanding higher education.

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