Sussex Academy was formed to help more students prepare for and succeed in college.

aboutx600Our outstanding young people are intelligent, with deep family values and strong work ethics. All too often, however, they are not adequately prepared for success in college. Unlike northern Delaware, with its 23 private schools, aspiring students in Sussex County have few options beyond public district schools.

A recent Gallup poll showed 70 percent of American families now feel a college degree to be essential. Unfortunately, for those 76.5 percent of Sussex County ninth grade students who do not attend a four-year college each year, nearly a quarter will experience poverty, according to the Pew Research Center.

Providing an outstanding middle and high school education will enable more of our young people to attend and receive scholarships to outstanding colleges. A number of them will return to Sussex County as our business, professional and community leaders of tomorrow.

This will result in a higher quality of life and stronger economic base for our region. In addition, our business and professional organizations’ ability to hire skilled personnel will improve as a result of having educational choices beyond the public district schools.

If you agree these goals are worth achieving, please join us in our important campaign efforts. Your support is deeply appreciated.